You should not miss these steps after Install and Active any Premium WordPress Theme

After supported thousand of clients for our themeforest themes, We release that most of them missing very common steps after install the theme, and You should not be the next one, those tasks are:

1. Import Sample Data

Ofcourse you can use the site without sample data but I recommend you should import sample data before start editing, or customize the theme because with sample data you can easily understand how the things work, also you can see the overall website look.

Some of theme has oneclick import data option in Backend Dashboard, but with most of other theme people use a plugin for Import/Export sample data called WordPress Importer this is a free plugin.

To import sample data you need to go to Tools >> Import and select WordPress

Import/Export WordPress Sample Data
Import/Export WordPress Sample Data

If the plugin already installed you will see the form to upload  sample data xml file, if not WordPress will ask you install it.

After select .xml file and submit WordPress will ask for assign user to posts, download and import attachments, you should select this option.

Submit and wait for some minute you will have all sample data imported.


2. Config Menu Location

The second step that people always missing then ask for support that:

I can’t see the menu?


The menu is empty, why?


How can I make the menu working?

All of these similar questions have only one answer that is “YOU DID NOT CONFIG MENU LOCATION JUST YET“.

Yeah, that’s true because after import sample data, your demo menu already imported there and you just need to put it in to the right place by go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menus, select the menu you want to use and select the right location for it, then you are done!

For example bellow theme is using theme location Main Menu

Select menu location in WordPress backend.
Select menu location in WordPress backend.

3. Config Widgets

Same as menu problem above, some of clients ask support questions like:

How can I make sidebar?


How to create sidebar?


My sidebar is empty?


Please help, my sidebar doesn’t work?

Well, you simply did not config sidebar widgets, please go to Appearance >> Widget and drag, drop your needed Widgets to the sidebar you want, then you are done!

4. Config WordPress  Home page, Posts page(or called blog page)

As the concept of WordPress, you can set a static page as home page instead of list of newest posts as original WordPress. You can do that by go to Settings >> Reading and select the page that you wish to be your homepage, and another page you wish to be your blog page.

Config WordPress Home page, Posts page

Do I miss anything? please let me know if you found other steps we should do after install WordPress Preimium theme.

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