How to Create onepage menu in Ariva Theme?

Onepage template and themes are more and more popular nowaday with people who are familiar with website layout. Woking together with onepage is Onepage Menu, without it the site interesting is down 40% in my opinion.

In this short article I will show you how to create Onepage Menu and make it work together with the Onepage content sections.

How to Create onepage menu in Ariva Theme?

There are 2 steps you need to do inorder to create Onepage Menu:

1. Create section custom id(this will allow onepage item indentify which content section it’s pointing to)

In edit page using Visual Composer Backend Editing Function you will see each row has it own setting:


2. Create menu which point to the section with custom content section id created above in step 1

Go to Appearance >> Menus and create menu item like this:

Now save the menu then go to frontend you will see it works.

Note: Make sure you set this menu location correctly as in some theme has more than one menu location.

Please comment any problem and tell us that you can do it or not.


Thank you so much!


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