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Install Demo

If you`re using the theme to build a new website which doesn`t have content yet, I strongly recommend you to use the demo content files. This theme includes xml data files which will allow you to upload the demo content to your website. The content is the same as in the Live Demo Preview.

Browse to the folder called “Demo Content”
Find the filename.xml file
Log into WordPress
Go to Tools -> Import
Click on “WordPress”
If you don’t have it already, install the plugin. Once done, return to the previous screen
Click to select your file
Choose the xml files you want to install.

Very Important: don`t forget to check the “Download and Import File Attachments” in order to import images too.

Once you are done and wordpress imports the content, you have to go to Appearance->Menus and assign the menu to the “Main Menu” location.
There are 2 menu location, one is used for onepage template and another one is used for normal page template(the reason is in onpage the menu is scrool to section, not link to another page)

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