How to update new version WordPress Theme?

Hi guys, How are you? Recently we got many problem regarding to update new version theme problem. Our theme using 2 plugins together called themestudio-content and themestudio-shortcodes-v1.x for post type and shortcode so one you update the theme you need to update those plugins also. Also in the theme we […]

How to add icon to Service Box in Ariva

Some of you may not know how do we make icon for service, please follow this guide. For the icon services we use linea icon at In the download package you will see the folder like this you will find the .html file, open it in browser […]

How to custom VAN Minimalist Theme?

After a number of customer feedback, we decided to write this post to guide you how to custom common things VAN theme. 1. Custom portfolio single page. single-portfolio.php will let you edit those text: “maybe you will interest”, “Next project” and “Oder post”,SKILLS, CLIENT, VISIT SITE 2. Make portfolio page […]

How to Create onepage menu in Ariva Theme?

Onepage template and themes are more and more popular nowaday with people who are familiar with website layout. Woking together with onepage is Onepage Menu, without it the site interesting is down 40% in my opinion. In this short article I will show you how to create Onepage Menu and make […]